The airport does not appear in X-Plane

If you see a blank, default, X-Plane landscape this is likely because your Custom Scenery folder is incorrectly ordered. 

There are 2 possible solutions.

1. There was an installation error

Open your X-Plane 11 / Custom Scenery folder:

Check that the airport is in the folder (unzipped), and holds the product files.:

Click to open the product folder, you should see a list of numerous folders and files. If you don't, re-install the product. If you are unsure how to install the product, please view our installation guide.


2. Scenery ini Structure 

In your X-Plane 11 / Custom Scenery folder open the scenery_packs.ini file. You can right click to open this file in a text editor (Notepad) programme: 

Ensure that the product is above other lines. For example, in the image above "Pilot Plus - EGKK Gatwick V2.2" is above any other scenery pack that also covers the London area.